More Milnerton...

I really loved going to Milnerton Market and found so many lovely vintage and thrifted items.  These photos were snapped during my browsing and I wish I had bought the little cat face dish.  I would definitely have bought more if I didn't have to worry about the luggage limit!  Have you visited Milnerton Market?  I often see Instagram pics or tweets about amazing items that have been scoured from this slightly odd, second hand market.  Some of the items on sale are so random and I can't imagine who owned them and even more oddly...who will buy them!  I love hunting around for second-hand items, but I always find it so sad that material objects once loved by someone end up being almost lost in markets and charity shops, with no reference to their former life, story or owner.  I know...I am sentimental!  What are your thoughts about previously loved things? 


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