Timeline...making it work for you

I am not the hugest Facebook fan, but I do enjoy using it for my blog and interacting with people every now and again.  Regarding Facebook timeline - I have only heard complaints, no one seems to like it or want it. Tough!  It is staying and is even making it's way over to business pages.  Instead of fighting against it or complaining rather make it work for your creative business page.  We take so much joy in making out blogs look pretty and when Facebook first came out one of the main complaints was that we couldn't customise it.  Well...here it is, a way to customise your space.

But how?
You can start by designing your own Facebook Timeline cover for your business page.  The measurements are 850 x 315 px.   You can keep the dpi to 72 for web related designs.   Here is the one I have created for the Cupcake Couture page. 

Some design tips:
Keep your design simple, but use the space to inform first time visitors of what you do.

Use some of your favourite product photos.  Keep the photos your own as there isn't really a gap to have a credit / alternatively make sure you get permission to use the images you like.

Include your logo and a small snippet of what you do.  Your branding is key throughout your business...whether it be Facebook, Twitter or any additional platforms you use.  Your logo acts as a mental link so make sure you feature it.

Create a similiar design to your blog.  In other words use elements, colours and designs already featured on your blog in order to once again add that 'mental link' between your blog and Facebook page.  Consistency in your design is essential when using various social media platforms for your  business.

Use the space to inform.  You have now got a great gap in which to add something striking and informative about your business.  A simple line on what you do, blog about or sell should cover it.  Think about the aspects of your business and play around with a few phrases.  Ask friends or family to help you sum up what you do, as an outside opinion can be invaluable.

Lastly - have fun!  The fundamental rule of being creative!  

What to do if you can't design it yourself?
I am sure that many creatives will begin to offer this additional design service, but the one I have found that I like the most is Summit Avenue Design.  Their service includes the design and spaces for you to enter your own information. 

Or you are welcome to email me to design one for you.  I will be running a banner special for the next week at a really affordable rate of R300Email me to secure a space so we can get started on making your business Facebook page looking awesome!

UPDATE:  You can also make use of PicMonkey to design your own cover.  They offer a cover collage which makes it easy and quick to design your own.