A few of my favourite things

I have been loving using Instagram to snap things while I am out and about and these are a few things I have spotted, enjoyed and loved.

1. > The Durban Skyline:  My city - my home.
2. > DV Chocolate:  Dark chocolate at its best.  Available at Colombo for R35.  It makes the perfect gift and the packaging...oooh!
3. > Fresh flowers:  They bring cheer to my office and make me smile.
4. > Adorning my wrists:  The more the better.  I love it so much that I even have a board entitled 'Wrists' on Pinterest.
5. > Delicious things:  Good food with friends at some of my favourite places... Corner Cafe, Ciao Bella and Two Acres my latest find in Assagay (literally opposite the Shongweni Farmer's Market).
6. > Lemons:  Slices in water and even just a big bowl of them to add brightness to any room.

Geometric shapes and prints:  Yes I know this is a trend that is all over the place and is probably getting killed and overused, but I find the shapes so aesthetically pleasing.
Numbers: They add a linear feel to decor and an organised, measured level of design.

What are some of your current favourites?