Working with Wendy

Wendy from ilovebokkie was one of my first clients last year on the consulting side of Cupcake Couture and she really is amazing to work with.  She is organised yet exceptionally creative.  Wendy and I have been busy with her website and recreating her blog and it is now complete (well...almost)!  Hooray!  It was great fun to do as Wendy and I are on the same page aesthetically.  A great deal of inspiration came from Danni's blog ohhellofriend and I consulted with her on the design as we wanted something similar, but of course not the same.  Danni gave us her blessing which meant the world to both Wendy and I.  You might have noticed I am now affiliated to Blogmilk (banner on the right of blog) and worked closely with Ana on the blog template.  A big thanks to both Danni and Ana for their invaluable advice, kind words and patience!

Here are the results:
Website - Landing Page
Take a look at the blog too - just click here.

I am so proud of Wendy and Ryan!  They are currently at Design Indaba and I just know their work will be well received. 

Okay - I am off!  See you soon...will try to blog in between, but I might just take a break...I am sure you won't mind.

If you own a creative business and would like some help - feel free to book a consultation with me.  I work via email too so if you aren't in Durban I can still help!  Just pop me an email.