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A BIG thanks to Ideas Magazine for featuring me in their April issue.  It was an honour!  I got some really amazing feedback from readers especially regarding various questions about running a creative business.  I am working on a project to help with all these questions so keep reading the blog.  To all of you who contacted me, new blog readers and new friends...thank you so much for taking the time to connect with me - I appreciate it more than you will every know!

Cupcake Couture's Tumblr & Pinterest

I like keeping this blog for original content, but as you know generating that content while working and living takes time.  It is for this reason that I am really enjoying my Tumblr entitled 'the couture curator' as well as my Pinterest boards.  Both of these are a platform and space for 'reblogging' inspiration that I spot and like which at the same time taking some pressure off and adding enjoyment to my internet travels.


I blogged this on Tumblr yesterday - amazing images from homelife.

Pardon the Pleats

Pink is always on my favourite colour list.  Other colours feature too, but pink is a constant.  As for the pleated skirt - it seems to hold my wardrobe together and I am embarrassed to admit exactly how many times it has been worn out this year!  Do you have any wardrobe items that you can't live without?

What I am wearing:
Top:  Found on a recent thrifting mission for R15. Crazy price!  It has a great texture - almost like tiny scales layered and overlapping.

Skirt:  Vintage

Clutch:  Campo Marzio.  I truly adore their leather products - good investment pieces in a rainbow of colours.

Heels:  Kenneth Cole.

Necklace:  Mr Price

Watch:  Tempo Men's Watch

Lucky Number

Seven is my lucky number so I decided to share seven lovely things with you that I have snapped of late with Instagram (cupcakecouture_).

1.  New Necklaces:  New faceted / geometric necklaces that I made.  For sale at the next I heart Market.
2.  Random & odd things:  I saw the picture of the man with the camera on a bench quite by chance.  I wonder who put it there...
3.  My mug and cup collection:  I am always looking for them.. almost Scandinavian type flowers and prints.
4.  Collars:  Neat and prim...I love adding brooches and gigantic necklaces.
5.  Ike's Books & Collectables:  Old books, nooks, cool things...a great world in which to get lost.
6.  Packages:  The notebook, prints and key brooch came all the way from Canada from my partner (via ohhellofriend's shop swap) Chrissy from Spark Box Studio.
7.  Weddings:  I am working on lots of wedding orders at the moment and I delivered a bag full of pinwheels to an excited bride.  I love sharing in the joy of love!


The pro photographers who read my blog (if any read my blog) are probably thinking the quality of all my photos should be labelled 'quick snap' not just the ones in these posts.  Oh well...sorry! is a real quick snap from a beautiful day spent exploring Durban this past weekend.

Clips & Frames: Back in Stock

Finally...I have some new stock of the birdie clips which are sold on vintage children's playing cards.  I also have the frame brooches in stock - thank goodness. 

I really love the 'Wise Owl' cards - so cute!

The clips are R30 each.
The frame brooches are R75 each.
Postage is separate and will be about R15 - R30 (depending on quantity).
Email me to order.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Winter Wedding

In South Africa the general idea is to have your wedding at the warmest time in the year...the better the weather, the better the wedding?  I was very intrigued when Doreen Winking a wedding planner from Germany contacted me to create some corsages for a Winter wedding.  Snow on your wedding day...WOW!  I am so proud to have been able to contribute to a wedding so far away...wish I could have fitted into the envelope.  The setting and bride are a sight to behold so please take a look at more of the photos on Birgit Hart, the photographer's site.

Wise Words

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!
I am totally in love with these posters and art prints from Jan Skacelik's Etsy shop (Restyle Prints).  I think it is the styling that also adds to the their appeal.  Check out all the versions here and see more from this talented designer here.

Woodnewz Boards

Lauren and worked on a little shoot for Woodnewz the other day.  You all know by now that Woodnewz is my dad and Daniel's business and I manage all their online content for them which I love as I care for their business!  Pop over to their blog for more of the photos.  To order a board or find out more feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

A few of my favourite things

I have been loving using Instagram to snap things while I am out and about and these are a few things I have spotted, enjoyed and loved.

1. > The Durban Skyline:  My city - my home.
2. > DV Chocolate:  Dark chocolate at its best.  Available at Colombo for R35.  It makes the perfect gift and the packaging...oooh!
3. > Fresh flowers:  They bring cheer to my office and make me smile.
4. > Adorning my wrists:  The more the better.  I love it so much that I even have a board entitled 'Wrists' on Pinterest.
5. > Delicious things:  Good food with friends at some of my favourite places... Corner Cafe, Ciao Bella and Two Acres my latest find in Assagay (literally opposite the Shongweni Farmer's Market).
6. > Lemons:  Slices in water and even just a big bowl of them to add brightness to any room.

Geometric shapes and prints:  Yes I know this is a trend that is all over the place and is probably getting killed and overused, but I find the shapes so aesthetically pleasing.
Numbers: They add a linear feel to decor and an organised, measured level of design.

What are some of your current favourites?

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