Seven Things

Another Seven Things post for you.  Like I have mentioned these are all images I have captured using Instagram (cupcakecouture_).  Some of you might have seen them, but I like to share them with blog readers too as it is great to add a little info about what I am doing, seeing, eating and enjoying!

1 >  Grazia:  I was soooo happy to be featured in the launch issue of Grazia (South Africa) magazine.  Mr Price asked me to style and wear some of their pieces.  The shoot with the Grazia team was so cool!  I will share the full piece when I get a chance to scan it.

2 >  Babette:  On Saturday I went to the Babette pop up shop and saw some pretty dresses.  Anna who runs I heart Market hosted it paired with cake and tea in the most beautiful, pastel cups and saucers.

3 >  Fat Tuesday:  A favourite shop of mine!  I always try and resist shopping, but some unique little item always makes it way home with me!  

4 >  Call Me:  Fine Furn is a sweet little second hand shop in Pinetown (Windsor Rd) and run by a granny and grandpa.  They are going to retire so the items in the shop are on sale for less and they are taking offers on all furniture pieces. 

5 >  Love Coffee:  I don't drink coffee - yip you heard right!  I do, however looove the new coffee shop opened by the Corner Cafe team.  Find it at 464 Windermere Road - and btw their hot chocolate is amazing!

6 >  Vanilla House:  I saw this white ampersand there last week and I think I might need to go and get it!

7 >  I heart Market:  This Saturday is market day so I am in prep mode.  I will have the frame brooches for sale.  Remember there are two markets this month.

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