Welcome to the weekend!  I hope that you had an awesome week!  I set out to do a lot of things this week - armed with several lists and another million things running through my mind.  I did achieve quite a few of my goals and it felt really good to tick them off.  The list never ends, but I think that is what keeps me going!

A few things:

I love the illustrations of Parko Polo.  Happy - colourful - perfect!

Adore Magazine:  Read it online and get inspired with their Art Issue.

I heart Market:  Yes... I know I have been harping on, reminding you and and inviting you to say hello, but just another reminder to pop in!

Blogging Workshop:  I am running one on Sunday.  I am sure if you are interested you could still book - click here. The Collective together with VANSA invited me to host it.    

DesignLoveFest:  This post isn't new, but I just read it the other day.  Great branding tips for creative businesses.

New Sponsors:  I am happy to welcome some new sponsors for June.  I will have a little introduction to them on Monday.  

Happy weekend!