Grazia, Mr Price & a dream...

I could not believe my luck when Mr Price asked me to style a shoot for the launch issue of the South African Grazia dream come true!  The catch was - I would be wearing the outfits!  Grazia was my tube ride read when I lived in London, a favourite to pass the many stops between home and work.  Excitement, nerves, giddy joy and then the realisation of WHAT WILL I WEAR, will they like my ideas and....and...and...?  It isn't everyday that you need to pack up your wardrobe and present them to a fashion director.  Needless to say every bauble, bead, brooch and jewel I own and about a gazillion pairs of shoes were all packed into my trusty wheelie case.

The shoot started off at Spiga in Florida Road, where I met the team - Kirsty Stoltz, Aubrey Jonsson, Adelle Jung and the Mr Price Stylist, Siphakeme Ndlovu.  They were all really kind, accommodating and made me feel super comfortable or at least as comfortable as you can...trotting down the road dressed like a blast from the past!  The outfits were Mr Price pieces punctuated by my vintage collection - and yes I would really wear these outfits.

The second stop was the beautiful heritage building - Surrey Mansions in Currie Road.  This is where the fun started or should I stay - slight 'ridiculousness'.  Hair styling and makeup touch ups at the side of the road and a few odd glances from passers by was only part of the adventure!

Thank you Mr Price and Grazia for this truly once in a lifetime experience!  You made this gal's year!