Having Fun: The Essentials

I don't often blog about my non-craft escapades.  I wasn't sure if you were interested!  Oh well - here goes... In an attempt to prove that I do have friends either than my glue gun, buttons and computer I thought I would share that I love dancing like a maniac, singing along to my favourite songs and if ever I remembered why it was a good idea to go out - it was last weekend.  I braved the Durban July and I don't regret a minute of it, but I had some 'fun essentials' that made my day!

#1  Beautiful People & Good Conversation:  Call me bias, but I think this bunch fit the bill!

#2  Big Smiles:  The bigger and cheesier the better!

#3  A few drinks:  Perhaps you prefer fine wine, but I quite like a pink drink...a Comso a la Carrie will do just fine!

#4  Amazing friends:  A bunch of friends who will dance to almost every song and won't for a minute mind how much you complain about your sore feet.  Instead, they will tell you just how lovely your shoes look and drag you back to the dance floor for round two.  Oh, and they will visit the paramedics with you to get plasters (yip this actually happened - super classy).  Said friends will also come in handy in years to come when you want to reminisce about the good ol days.

Other essentials:
Gold streamers:  They shot these from the side of the stage and it looked so beautiful!  I think I need this at every party I go to.  How do I arrange this?
A Steers burger:  Great end to a night out and it will stop you feeling like Hank Moody the next day.
A day off:  The best thing is knowing you don't need to work the next day!
Plans for another night out:  Get planning on your next show stopper of an eve asap!

Happy weekend - off you go...