Seven Things

Seven things I have been up to via Instagram.

1 >  Dinner with Friends:  There is nothing like a mid-week dinner break - chatting, laughing and good food.

2 >  Boutonnieres:  I have been working on some new variations.  This yellow one includes some vintage elements and buttons.

3 >  Wanderlust Package:  Totally in love with a new bunch of things I bought recently from ohhellofriend's shop.

4 >  Pin Board:  Lots of random little charms and buttons on my pin board in my office.

5 >  Wrapping Packages:  Always love doing this!  

6 >  Winter Sun:  Rare time to sit in our sun room - reading.  The books are all from our wedding decor and work well on the wide windowsills in this room.

7 >  The Food Market:  I went to the market on Saturday and stocked up on fresh and delicious items!