Seven Things

I almost created a fourteen things post, but then thought why break the seven things tradition.  So, here is only seven things I have been doing, making and enjoying taken with Instagram.

1 >  Skinny Laminx Cushions:  I spotted these at the House & Garden show.  It would be lovely to have a garden nook – somewhere to sit and read.

2 >  Mooi’s Lemonade:  Fiona from Mooi has created a new market stall and I tasted her wares at the Homegrown Fair.  Delicious and very lemony.  They will be at various markets around Durban.

3 >  Team Effort:  I made this corsage for a soon to be groom and collaborated with Genevieve Motley to create it.  

4 >  New Shoes:  These Miu Miu inspired kitty flats are my new favourites!  So comfortable and cute too.  If I can’t actually own a kitty (no pets allowed) I sure can wear kitty inspired attire!

5 >  Swan:  Pink, stationery, pretty, interesting and from Kim Longhurst…all things that make me very happy!  I bought this at the Homegrown Fair from Kim and Rhenda’s Frozen Charlotte pop up shop.

6 >  New Ribbon:  Ebony & Ivory stock the most beautiful ribbon.  Need to get creating for the August I heart Market with these new shades.

7 >  Giddy Up:  I created this corsage for a very fashionable Durban July race goer who wore a dress made from Skinny Laminx fabric.  The dress was 50’s inspired and the corsage clip was perfect for some race day fun!