Home Dreaming

Last week I tweeted these words and a great deal of people agreed with my thought.  I remember when I first started 'pinning' I would go to bed at night and have vivid flashes of the DIY's I was going to wake up and do!  Home, organising, the perfect wardrobe - my perfect life...they all exist on Pinterest. How much of it is actually attainable - who cares...right?

You might have spotted some of these images on Pinterest - I had repinned a few of them without knowing they belong to the same person.  Upon a little more investigation I came across the blog of Danielle Moss.  Her home is perfection served up in a habitable form!  I am working on some home improvements and also want to do a mini makeover on my office - all these photos offer amazing inspiration  as does the plenitude of other images ready for the pinning!