DIY Bar Cart

I thought it was high time I put all my pinning on Pinterest to good use and actually start doing a few of the DIY's that keep me up at night!  I am no longer allowed to pin before bedtime as I can't fall asleep because I think of all the things I think I am going to get time to make!  So...finally I did actually get round to doing something.  The bar cart trend is no secret and I love the concept of  cocktail hour - a bit of Don Draper everyday if you like.  Now, this doesn't mean I am drinking alcohol everyday (saying that so my mom doesn't worry).

My bar cart like all things in my life comes with a story.  Once I became obsessed with finding one I made Lauren hit the thrift shops and our favourite second-hand haunts in search of one.  Lucky for her I found one not too long into the trip for R200 as the shop was closing down.  I wiggled it a bit, rolled it around in the store and checked if it was solid and sturdy.  My dad and Daniel would have approved of how 'wood savvy' I pretended to be.

The key to getting a smooth coat of paint on is to sand it down first and of course an undercoat.  I was thinking of perhaps dip dying the legs, but haven't decided as yet.  

The tray is also a DIY job.  I found the geometric tray at a craft shop (Imagine That) and sanded it down and gave it a couple of coats of bronze spray-paint.  Easy!  I was lucky to have Daniel as my quality control inspector - telling me to spray like this, do that and sand the tray between each coat which allowed for a smooth and even finished product.

The print is actually some paper that my partner in ohhellofriend's shop exchange wrapped my gift in.  She is from Canada and owns Spark Box Studio.  The frame was a dark brown wood and also got a lick of paint to match the cart.

The books are another Pinterest inspired idea.  I downloaded some free chevron and stripe prints and just folded over the paper on some old books left over from our wedding.

The small white jar was a SPCA find just the other day for a cheap and cheerful R10.

I found the Indian Tonic from the local bottle store and the packaging was irresistible.

I hope you will be inspired to delve into your DIY board on Pinterest and get busy.