Seven Things

I haven't done a seven things post in a while.  Here is a glimpse of a few things snapped via Instagram (nadiavdmescht),

1 >  Ice Cream:  Delicious soft serve with a flake this past weekend.

2 >  TYPO!  Thanks to my very patient and kind husband for spending about an hour in Typo on his recent trip to Cape Town.  He did a really great job of picking the perfect stationery for me!

3 >  Weekend away with amazing friends:  This past weekend I went away with two very special friends.  We sat in the sun, read our books, napped, walked on the beach, drank wine and even managed to have a night out.  I can't wait for another weekend away!

4 >  Avo on toast:  The best meal ever?  I think it is a contender - I had this particular one at Woolworths after running their Summer competition.

5 >  The Waterberry Coffee Shoppe:  This beautiful place is in Ballitio and I can really recommend a little trip there for a delicious breakfast and time out!

6 >  Homes & Antiques:  This magazine is truly amazing!  Wish I was in the UK to experience some of the fairs and sales reviewed by the mag.

7 >  Prints:  I bought these lovelies on Etsy to frame at home.  They have a hand painted effect and look really pretty in a minty green frame I found at Makro of all places.