The Goddess Guide Creation

I bought my copy of The Goddess Guide in London in 2007.  A friend had given me a Selfridges voucher for my birthday and after what seemed like hours of marveling, ooohing, aaaahing and being stupified by the beautiful things that this shopping mecca held I decided on the book!  I have treasured it since.  I have carried it around the even came to New York with me and I used it as a guide to wonderful and beautiful things! It still holds relevance in my life five years later!  It holds post it notes from tour guides to hidden gems, a myriad of friends have used it too and now it is full to the brim with special memories of wonderful times!

I check Gisele Scanlon's blog every now and again and recently saw that she has shared how she created the book with her quirky illustrations, letters from designers and wonderful images.  Visit her blog to delve into her world and add her second book, The Goddess Experience to your reading list too.