To Do List

I type this to you straight from my to do you all know I am addicted to lists and take great joy in ticking off tasks. 

Here are a few examples of some personal things that I would like to do this week...

Home / Personal:
Take rug to dry cleaners (thrilling stuff)
Take car for wash
Drop off recycling:  It is piling up - must get to this
Work on healthy dinner ideas
Sew button on polka-dot shirt

Tammy:  Friend in London, she is having a baby so some spoils are needed
Misha:  Friend in Los Angeles - it is her birthday in November, plus I love sending her letters and gifts

Okay so there are heaps more to do and somehow these tasks are some of the easier ones and not related to work
What are some of your to do's this week?  I would really like to hear...

I found these quotes on the Real Simple blog - they have daily thoughts each day - wonderful way to get motivated for the week and to inspire you to start some lists of your own.


  1. Emma-Jane9/17/2012

    love the quotes :)

    i have to go get my car accessed :( had a bumper bashing a few weeks ago and have totally been avoiding it.
    Need to sort out so much at home (we still have things in boxes). Can you say procrastination? x

  2. Marike9/17/2012

    1. Contact clients.
    2. Revamp old wooden frame that I bought at the SPCA shop for cheap!!!
    3. Bake condensed milk & smartie cookies.
    4. Make notecards for the I heart market with my new 100% recycled paper.
    6. Work in the garden while the sun is still shining! :-)
    5. Start planning for our weekend away at Hillhouse, Howick.

  3. cleverbirdbanter.com9/17/2012

    Brilliant quotes! My to do list for the next week or two is pretty wild and includes "pack up entire life" and "move from London to SA" (neither are a joke - I'm coming home!) but goodness knows how I'd get through it all without all my various lists, also love them!

  4. Hello! Thank you for your comment! Wow - that is quite something...sending you lots of luck! Hope all goes well. x

  5. Oooh some fun thing son your list! Sounds lovely! Good luck with all and thanks so much for taking the time to comment! x

  6. Sending lots of luck and hope you get a bunch of things done this week! x


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