Words of Wisdom or Rambling?

Today's post is bit of a pouring out my heart post.  Sometimes it is difficult to decide where I start as a person and end as business owner, but in essence I am both and so I feel that I can share personal thoughts here every now and again.  I think it also makes sense as a business owner to say that within every career and life there are cracks, bad days, down days, late nights and stress, but it is how we decide to fill the cracks, fix the problems and work through life that makes all the difference.

I always mention that things are busy and they really are, but I do try and manage it all with lists and determination.  Between my consulting, assisting clients to build their creative businesses and in turn to prosper within their talent, crafting for weddings...decor and boutonnieres, lecturing, blogging and one big consulting job which sees me working with a client four days a week I really can get a bit overwhelmed by it all.  So sometimes I don't post often enough or get round to replying to every mail in perfect time, but I do eventually work through the mega load with a bit of luck, some praying and even sometimes complaining. 

I decided I needed a break - desperately and so went away this past weekend in the hope that two days would magically feel like two weeks of time away.  It was wonderful to pack a bag and escape.  A lot of people say that it is my own fault that I am too busy, stressed and overworked, but I say that it is what I expect of myself and the life I want to live that keeps my every minute filled.  I love what I do and above that I love helping people - I feel it is my calling in life and by not seeking to do as much as I can I can't live up to what I feel is my course in life.  So...thanks for reading, for your supportive and kind tweets, for likes on Facebook and comments on my blog!  They all mean so very much to me and keep me going, working hard and thinking of new ideas and ways to change the world!

We are all busy, stressed, tired and sometimes overwhelmed by life, but the important thing to remember is we ALL are (and we are in this together) - so take time to understand when and why you need to take a break, take time out to spend quality moments with special people.  Switch off your phone, turn off your computer and take a walk outside, find the things and people that make you truly happy and above all live the best life you can!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed - what do you do to feel better?

Image from Striking Truths.