White Wonderment

I naturally gravitate towards bright colours, but there is something about white and I find myself punctuating the vivid shades with more and more of it.  Here is my small, but growing white collection.  Some items were lucky finds while thrifting while others were gifts.  The ampersand was a light wood from Mr Price Home which I sprayed white.  The swan and man are both from iKhaya and the white jar is a recent SPCA find for a very well spent R10.

Are there any colours or things that you collect?  Have a very happy Monday!

Corsage & Boutonniere Feature

This week has been a very slow blogging week, sorry for the lack of posts.  I do however, blog on my tumblr and although the content isn't original I do like to think that it is still interesting.

I am proud of this feature in Fair Lady Bride - a corsage and a boutonniere.  The boutonniere is new to my product offering and be custom-made to match your wedding colours.  It can also be created to incorporate special or sentimental items like buttons.  I had one client use a button from their grandfather's wedding jacket - so special.  Get in touch via email to order a one of a kind creation for your wedding or party.

Pins for Alt

I am so excited to be guest pinning for Alt!  You might be able to tell that I really love this amazing summit (by this post) and plan on definitely making a trip one day to learn from, meet and connect with some of my favourite bloggers.  The board I am pinning for is 'Say it with Stationery' and I decided to start off by showing some local design talent from Seven Swans and Happiness Is.  I am off to pin!

What About Me?

When I am making accessories I often try to add one of a kind details which are hard to come by.  Shoppers at the market always ask - how do I part with certain special items?  I seem to look at pieces and before I buy them I have already decided which is for me and which I will happily part with.  I love sharing special things so passing them to a new home isn't difficult at all.  I have however, recently started to keep a few things for myself which I intend to recreate into something special just for me.  I found the stopwatch at the SPCA and loved it and some of the other items are newer, but still special.  I can't wait to get a gap to create something new for myself.

Happy Monday!

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