A Little Snippet

It has been ages since I did a Seven Things post and this post as you can see has more than the said Seven Things!  Oops...oh well!  I wanted to share a couple of snippets of life over the holidays and of late - all snapped with Instagram, so you might have seen them already, but I quite like sharing the stories behind each which the caption space doesn't allow for.  I hope you enjoy these...

1 >  Rebranding:  As you know things have changed around here.  Cupcake Couture is now just me...Nadia.  I have a little post planned to explain the transition and inspiration.

2 >  DIY Geometric Brooch Kits:  I have really enjoyed getting back to making and creating things.  I designed these kits to sell at I heart Market and the response has been lovely!  Each kit comes with full instructions and is super easy.

3 >  New Necklaces:  With the current statement necklace trend running amok I wanted to do something different with my corsages.  I created the necklaces for the last market and so far so good!  You can wear them at different lengths and I have had such fun working with unusual colour combinations.

4 >  Secret Santa:  The sweet Kelly of Sunflowers and Spears organised a Blogger Secret Santa and I was so spoilt by Jo of Pretty Pretty.  How lucky I felt to receive such a magical package!  Thank you Jo - you are a gem!

5 >  The Pretty Gals:  In early December I was fortunate enough to go to Kamersvol in Pretoria where I visited The Pretty Blog gals at their Instagram booth!  I love and admire their work so this was a personal highlight for me!

6 >  New Year New Diary:  You might recall my special diary given to me from New York...I was so excited to start making plans.  New diaries are always so exciting!  Plus my new paperclips from Jo are really coming in handy!

7 >  Husband Love:  Daniel was away for quite a while in December and at the beginning of January, but he made up for it by shopping Typo into oblivion!  He is very well trained now in my Typo ways and picked a range of things with no guidance!  Personal shopper anyone?

8 >  Camera Stamps:  I am now stocking these lovelies, once again at my market stall.  They were exceptionally popular so needing to stock up again asap!

Ah - so there are eight things rather than seven...not too bad I suppose!