Book Club: Just Sew Stories

Welcome to a new series called Book Club!  I love books and I know so do you, more specifically I enjoy books that teach you something, but in a visually interesting way!  Just Sew Stories is clever, pretty and full of crafty goodness!

Written and created by Katie Allen - Just Sew Stories delves in a bunch of projects along with some smart tips to help get you started.  If you find yourself collecting fabric and never making anything,  why not change that in 2013!  Getting creative, making things whether for yourself or as gifts is so rewarding and it could be just what you need!  Button therapy is best!

Regardless of your sewing skill level there is something to make for all!  You can view more of the visually interesting book on Amazon or if you want to buy it locally - try ordering it through Exclusive Books.

Have you got any crafty projects on your list for 2013?