London: The Essentials

In less than two weeks I jet off to London and as you can imagine I am beyond excited!  It is as if my mind can't quite fathom it!

I only started planning my trip in November last year when I received a lovely package from one of my best friends.  She is pregnant and had sent me the most beautiful gifts and card. The card had me in tears as she talked about special moments and good times.  Just there and then I thought - I need to go and see her and so began the quickest decision making ever!  The trip is now a mere ten sleeps away!

I have started packing - just a little and thought I would share a few of my packing and decision making essentials with you:

1.  The Ideal Travel Wallet:  I just love having one central place for my tickets, passport, some money and a few other trip essentials.  I bought this one in London at Boots and it has an awesome, shocking pink lining and dividers to keep all in check.

2.  Some Inspiration:  This is one of the gifts I was sent and it reminded me how desperately I wanted to visit a few of my favourite places.

3.  A Luggage Tag:  There are lots of pretty versions out there, but I find that it is super necessary to have a practical tag to make sure it stays put.  I found this one in New York and it has been a very reliable case companion.

4.  A Good Reason:  This Fifi Lapin card with a long message inside along with the Jubilee postcard was full of reasons for me to book my trip.

5.  A Stack of Travel Journals:  Between Typo and Paperchase - I am overstocked! I possibly need to go on more than one trip to fill all of these, but one was a gift, one I admit I bought and the other Daniel treated me to recently.  They are all quite different so room for all?  Can you hear my suitcase groaning already!

Posts will continue while I am away and I am really looking forward to sharing a host of new discoveries with you.  I am also going to London Fashion Week and Fashion Weekend and have a few other exciting things lined up!  Bon Voyage...almost!