Alt Summit: Business Cards

I often mention Alt Summit - to my clients and it really is something I dream of attending.  I believe it can be a reality - I don't know when as yet, but I just do!  I really enjoyed Ez of Creature Comforts' business card roundup from the event.  It is so awesome to see the effort and creativity that bloggers, crafters and makers put into standing out!  Aren't these just wonderful?  I hope they inspire you to add that extra special touch to your branding and packaging, it really can make a difference!


  1. Kelly Tromp2/06/2013

    These are fantastic! Love business cards too - I am huge collector :) I am currently revamping my look for Kelly Lubbee and my blog after some inspiration from some colours and I am so looking forward to a fresh idea for business cards! Thanks for this post :)

  2. Oh wow! These are pretty and creative. I've been thinking about getting cards and all I had was slapping my name, contact info and links on there... WOW. This is level extra.

  3. Natasha2/06/2013

    I would really love to go to Alt too. Wow, people have put so much time into these cards.

  4. Lelanie Slater2/07/2013

    What a super round up. It's a great idea. I hadn't heard of Alt before, but I promptly googled it, and man- does it look good. There are so many of these type of events happening all over Europe and the States these days. It makes me very jealous. I wish we had something of this calibre here in good old SA.

  5. I believe that for promoting any event or business first of all we need our name or it's contact details. So, basically business cards can be helpful for that purpose typically. Above article is also quite impressive.


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