Seven Things

You know the deal - seven things I have been up to, seen and loved lately, all taken with Instagram!

1 >  Mollie Makes:  I have only heard wonderful things about this magazine and love looking at the site, but it wasn't until last week that I discovered an issue at CNA!  Happiness!  I bought it and it came with a really amazing 2013 calendar styled by Selina Lake (personal fav) and photographed by Catherine Gratwicke who I featured recently.

2 >  An Old Globe:  I have been on the hunt for one for quite a while.  It needed to be just the right amount of old, not too new and kitsch looking...blah...blah!  Daniel my darling found one for me recently when he was working on a job at my old primary school!  Random, but decor fate!  He is going to create a wooden base for it.

3 >  Woodnewz Shoot:  I work very closely with Woodnewz. Yesterday I worked on their latest product shoot. I really love the styling aspect of creating little scenes with products.

4 >  The Good Old Days:  Spotted this old fashioned beauty at Bonnie and Clyde Vintage (behind Corner Cafe).  Golden oldies and good vintage too!

5 >  Photo Taking:  A mess I made after taking some blog snaps.  Fun to style, not so fun to clean up, but so worth it when I can share things with you!

6 >  I NEED This:  More Woodnewz work - this was on the factory floor being made for a client.  How perfect would it be in a craft room or creative space, so ideal for storage! to convince them that they need to make me one too!

7 >  If the Shoe Fits:  Buy it in every colour - I did!  Elegant black pumps are my staple footwear, but I battle to find the ideal pair, it must be just so.  I spotted these at Zara and after almost hugging the shop assistant for finding my size, I decided I needed the nude pair too!  I adore shoes, but am quite a big size (blush) so it is an ongoing battle and these were just what I was after!  LOVE!

I hope you have a really awesome week!  I am counting sleeps - three to go before I head to London!  Yikes!