Anthropologie London

An Exquisitely Curated Space

Anthropologie was one London shop I could not miss out on!  I have heard so much about the brand both from the UK and from the States - I felt I needed to see what all the fuss was about!  The curated space didn't fail to impress and it was a beautiful experience...gazing at displays and exquisitely crafted items.  It made me feel inspired for my own home and was the perfect example of eclectic tastes brought together to create a unique, yet stylish environment.

A Few Favourites:
The Colours:  An abundance of bright hues!

The Mixed & Matched Items:  Old drawers with mixed handles, benches, antique inspired pieces and detailed displays really gave the space a lived in feel.

On My Wishlist:
And a million, trillion other things!

All snaps taken with Instagram.


  1. OH MY!!! i only found out about Anthropologie about 3 weeks ago when I was still in London - it is now like my favourite store - ever. (And yes, I dragged Warren to BOTH of their london branches) ha

  2. Ha Ha - it is rather wonderful and beautiful! Poor Warren! :-) x

  3. I love that unit with the different drawers and doors. I have a very strong urge to start collecting lonely drawers, but I know I don't have anywhere to keep them :)

  4. Looks like heaven! Would love to visit there.

  5. I thought of you when I was there - so your kind of place! x

  6. I am also very tempted. Jess from Hector & Bailey does fun stuff with random drawers & I love it. Could be fun to collect and then have a chest of drawers designed so they fit. x

  7. It would be great, but I need to wait until I have somewhere to keep them while I collect :)


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