Creative Workshop

A Brilliant Day of Learning & Creativity
I left so quickly after the Creative Workshop, that I ran in early February, that I didn't get a gap to share it with you!  It was a brilliant day and when I got home I was exhausted, but ever so happy!  I had thirteen lovely ladies attend and I am grateful to each one for their support! Friendships were made, tips were shared and lessons were learnt.  

I would like to thank the wonderful sponsors who worked with me on the day!  It was so amazing to see it all come together and your support is truly appreciated (with all my heart). In return I did of course promise to introduce them to you and share their special work!  Each company and business that contributed was hand selected!

Ideas Magazine -  Colourful inspiration in every issue!  Thanks to the Ideas team for the magazines!

Derryn Semple PhotographyDerryn attended the workshop and snapped these pictures.  Thank you for capturing the day!

Consol GlassThe jars used as vases and the bottles for juice all came from Consol, the glass company that makes us smile!  Thank you so much Consol!

Floey - Bespoke Artisan Floristry:  Formerly from Boston Ivy, Floey did a wondrous job of the flowers for the event!  Floey...your work is always an inspiration to me!

Washi Tape:  Who can say no to pretty tape!  T'Neal kindly sponsored a roll for each lady! I am totally addicted to tape - check out her online shop to order.

Dew Water - This Durban based business provided the drink du jour on the day.  

Daniela's - Best brownies ever...yip we had them, with a sprinkling of gold dust for luck! Daniela - you gem!

Alice May - Notebooks to capture inspiration, were courtesy of the charming Ali, along with the finest quality notecards, all beautifully packaged for each attendee.

Woodnewz - My favourite chaps gave away one of their heart boards.  Daniel also made a very special iPad stand to giveaway!

Kim Longhurst - One very special lady won one of Kim's masterpieces!  Kim your work never ceases to amaze me!
And a few more who added to the day:

The Benjamin Hotel:  Thank you for your hard work and exceptional hospitality!

Love Letter Stationery:  The pen(cil) is mightier than the sword!  Ideas could be put to paper thank you for the pencils!

Typo:  Added a touch of colour to the giveaways!  I have something up my sleeve from them - wink, wink (watch this space)!

The day also included some lucky draw giveaways including these pretty books!

 At the end of the day we all did a craft activity together.  I loved seeing how everyone interacted.  When they arrived, they didn't know each other, but by the end of the day they were happily chatting and swapping numbers!

Social media had to be part of the day!  Thanks to Micaela and Christi for these Instagram snaps!

So when is the next one you might ask...coming soon!