Orla Kiely A/W13

Meeting Orla & her Typettes
Going to the Orla Kiely A/W 13 presentation was an amazing, AMAZING experience for which I am truly grateful!  I could not have picked a better event to have cracked the nod to! It was the perfect mash-up of fashion, a hint of crafty goodness and of course pure inspiration. I really didn't know what to expect (or wear), but upon arrival the clinking of typewriters and a room full of stylish fashion folk left me in awe.  The models emerged from a tiny door in the venue, trotted to their 'office' and proceeded to work all whilst looking like they had stepped straight out of a vintage magazine! The array of famous bloggers had me plutzing and after plucking up (much) courage (and a glass of champagne) I just had to meet Orla herself (not a very good snap, but still)!  I also spotted Susie Lau of Susie Bubble and was even more excited! Her blog was the first I read and she inspired me to begin blogging in 2007.  I couldn't do the event justice and upon seeing the full range of fancy cameras, I felt safer with Instagram instead of trying to compete (as if I could) with the pros!  I did, however spot an array of posts from other bloggers in attendance (clearly, with said fancy cameras) who took the most wonderful photos!  

Just look at these from Kris Atomic...

Insanely amazing details!  Love how someone's iPad slipped into this shot... the only reminder that we are not in fact in 1965.
Want to see even more?  This wonderful video will transport you there!

Even more...