April Post Round-Up

A Month in Posts

Posting and generating original content can be a quite a challenge for bloggers. It takes a bit of thinking, paired with time and planning, in order to produce posts that we feel proud of. Post round-ups allow for a bit of reflection, as well as catching up and means that the posts get their fair limelight time and don't just become internet history all too soon.

Let's look back at a few April posts...
Market Packing & Planning:  My essential guide for what to pack when you have a market stall.

Pin Board Inspiration:  A few of my bits and pieces that inspire me in my office.

Wrapping and Crafting:  I just love packaging up gifts, this post features my latest batch.

The New Creative Business Tip Series:  A range of tips posted weekly to inspire you to build the business of your dreams.  The tips include tasks to get you going - begin now and keep following this series to make progress.

The May Issue of Ideas:  My favourite features from the latest issue of this inspiring magazine.

Final London Posts:  I featured the last of my posts showing snaps and fun things I did while I was on holiday.

More Links & Notes:
You might have spotted that I updated the sidebar of my blog with weekly favourites - these are blogs that you can enjoy and explore.  Each week I feature two local blogs and two international blogs, that I enjoy reading.

I also blog over on the Woodnewz blog as I help out on all their creative projects.

My House and Leisure online features are still in full swing.  Click here to see those.

Thanks for reading and for your comments - I really love hearing from you!