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I wanted to do a traditional seven things post, but as per usual once I started going through my Instagram snaps, I realised I had a few more than seven to share.  So...lets begin!

1.  Tape Storage:  I found a really handy cutlery basket at the Crazy Store (bargains galore) and thought it would be ideal for storing and admiring my tape collection.  I think it was super cheap too - about R40 or so.  Works brilliantly.  Talking about tape - Washi Bug have brought the real deal MT tape from Japan to South Africa.  Check out this post for details.

2.  Postick:  I received this lovely (and very clever) product as a gift and have been using it for birthday cards and gifts.  It is a postcard sticker that you can paste on the back of photos, pretty flyers and basically changes anything into a postcard.  Really useful and fun!

3.  Inspiration:  I taped out a large rectangle on my office wall and I am using the space to stick up pretty pieces of inspiration like flyers I collected in London and postcards from Paperchase.  It's the perfect accompaniment to my pin board.

4.  Cards or Carbs:  I bought this metal toast holder ages ago and it has had a few uses in its time, but none as suited as the holder of my cards and correspondence.  It helps to be able to see what I have and then pick the best card suited to the occasion or friend.

5.  The Simple Things:  Someone once told me that I was opting for the simple life when I decided to move back to South Africa from London - they could not have been more wrong! Each time I read this magazine I am reminded of that and that there is so much beauty in the simple things that make me content and happy.  A really lovely magazine!

6.  Embroidery Threads:  I love bakers twine, but I like a hint of uniqueness when wrapping. These threads are a bright alternative.  The colours are endless and they are cheap too (R4 - R6).

7.  Wrapping:  I have a few gifts and packages to send out and the joy of wrapping them makes me a very happy gal!  This is one I sent off last week to a friend in Cape Town.

8.  A Picnic:  Two very sweet friends got married last weekend.  It was lovely to sit on the grass and enjoy their casual wedding and eat various treats.

9.  Measuring Cups:  I spotted these bright beauties at Vanilla House.  I really like them and surely I need them!  Added to my imaginary shopping list!

Happy weekend dear readers and friends!