Pin Board Inspiration

A Glimpse of my Inspiration

I love seeing the pin boards, mood boards or inspiration walls of others, nothing quite like a glimpse into someone else's special keepsakes or creative thinking.

My board is right next to my desk on a windowsill and it's full of things that I really love seeing.  It is formed from a collection of business cards, invites, tags and random knick-knacks that I like.  The frame is an oldie that I bought years ago,  I also used it for our wedding inspiration board.

Let me tell you about a few of them:
oh hello friend tags:  It's no secret that I love Danni's work. When I order stationery from her shop it is always beautifully packaged.  Looking at her work inspires me to be creative.

Lauren Wallett's Malva Card:  A couple of years ago I went to Malva in Joburg - seeing little Jozi Star's (that's the doggie) face is just the cutest thing.

The Pretty Blog's Card:  I am a big fan of the blog and how hard their team works.  Plus, I love the chevron print.

Sarah from Urban Lace's Invite:  Sarah got married last year and I worked on a range of goodies for her wedding.  The invite is designed by the talented Amelia of Whimsy fame.  The colours, layout and 'prettyness' makes this one a keeper.

Charms and Trinkets:  Scrabble letters, a magnet or two, cabochons and a range of knick-knacks.  I love these random bits and pieces.  A few of them are from the Hey Cherry girls when they had a market stall, others are really just odd finds or gifts from friends.

Do you have a mood board or special things that you keep?