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Short & Easy Creative Business Tips

We are well into week three of the creative business tip series and today's tip is about creating a brand that works as one. Remember to catch up if you haven't made your start! Click here for Tip #1 or Tip #2.

Streamline your Brand:
Branding is often misunderstood by creatives. It seems like something that might only be important to large brands or corporates.  This is of course - WRONG!  If you have a product, which you make or a creative business of any sort, then you need a brand to support it. This concept might seem simple, but with all the varied platforms that we use ranging from, Facebook to selling at a market or shop, branding often gets lost in the process.  Branding allows for your product to become known under the name of your business and we all deserve recognition for our creative work.

Let's Keep in Mind...
You need one identity to flow throughout your business, on all your platforms.  This means your business card, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and any additional platforms or elements all need to reflect the same brand in unison.  One name, one logo, one visual interpretation of your business.

You need to invest in branding.  Branding a business and having a professional identity designed can be expensive, but it has to be done.  Good branding will have longevity and last.  By spending money on it, you are actively investing in the future of your business.

Branding can be fun and creative!  It needs to reflect the best of your business through your logo and other visual elements.  There is a wonderful feeling about sealing up an order with all the right elements like a branded sticker and card.

A business card should be number one!  Yes...lots of talking about ONE!  I often visit markets and creatives don't have a business card or have run out.  You card is your first step in being perceived as a professional.  Don't head out into the world without one.

I don't have any coherent branding - what now?
Decide on the name of your business, if you haven't already.  You can't have a brand without a name.

Gather inspiration and create a mood board or Pinterest board to keep your ideas together. This will help you to see a common link. Finding brands that inspire you, is also key, but remember to use them as inspiration rather than directly imitating their concept.

Find a designer.  This is easier said than done.  You need a designer who understands creative businesses, aesthetics as well as how to create a good, well rounded identity flowing into your brand.  Ask to see their work and ask for a quote and what packages they can offer.  If this all seems a bit daunting - email me, I help my clients to get all this done!

If it's too expensive - keep looking or start saving.  Once again as I said this is an investment.  Add it to your list discussed in Tip #1.  Alternatively, start simple - create something basic, using a creative font, but make sure it is legible.  Begin your saving and evolve to the next stage of hiring a designer or creative consultant like me.

Current Task:
Assess your branding.  Ask yourself the following questions:
Do I have one consistent brand reflected across the various platforms that I use?
Do I have a business card with all the relevant details on it?
How can I improve my branding?

Remember:  You need to take action.  The task will only work for you if you actively make a change, invest or focus on what is needed!

Read More:
Read the Creative Business section of my blog or book a consulting session if you want me to assist you.  I do these one on one in Durban or via a Skype call.

I want to know how things are going?  If you have questions or something to share then please leave a comment or send me an email.