Market Stand Display Ideas & Tips

A Few Tips for Showcasing your Products
I got a lovely email from a reader in response to the Creative Business Tip Series...

I am sure this is something that affects more readers than just Alison of Buggaluggs, so I thought I would create a post to outline some market stall set-up ideas, tips and must have items.

It's important to pick a theme or mood for your table. It's key that this is lead by the style of your products as to create a coherent and well pulled together look and feel for shoppers. For example, if your products are vintage inspired, why not use vintage or old fashioned items like saucers, old cups, crates or displays that speak of yesteryear. Take a look at your product range and decide what palette will best suit and highlight your products. It's also good to  select your tablecloth, display details and all the elements that pull your table together to match this theme or feel.

Product Range:
Make sure you have a range of products. It's best to streamline what you can make and then to work on those items. Creatives are often tempted to make as much as possible, but I suggest picking your best products and producing a few of each, that way as one sells you have more to restock with. By focusing your creative efforts you can get a more well rounded selection instead of too many one off items.

Danni from ohhellofriend is really great at building her product ranges and stock. Her stand set-up is also an inspiration! She is a regular on the market and fair scene in the States, she has honed her craft skills with practice and creative planning!

I like to always look at the stalls and stands of others to help me come up with new and interesting ideas. I do, however always say - be inspired, but don't copy even if what you are admiring belongs to that of an overseas seller. It's great to develop your own creative thought process through analysing inspiration.

Key Points to Keep in Mind:
Dimension:  Displays work best when you add different levels and heights to your products. The higher levels at the back and the lower ones in the front. Upside down crates, cake stands and boxes work well for creating dimension and levels.

Variables:  Try to find out where your stand or stall will be. This will help with your planning. Keep in mind that weather conditions change at outdoor markets or lighting in halls and venues can differ for indoor shows. Do you need additional lighting and are you near a plug point? Try to be aware of the unknown variables and plan as best you can to be adaptable and flexible.

Showcase you Products:  The whole reason of the market is that you want to sell your products, therefore the outcome of your stand set-up is to showcase your products in the best possible way. Think of ways that show-off your items. Stands, boxes, card holders...look at things from the point of a potential shopper and make it easy for them to access and view products. If you sell accessories like necklaces are they easy to view and try on? Or if you sell stationery like pens, do you have a tester available? We are all consumers and customers at some point, use the knowledge of what you like or need to assist in your layout planning. 

Packaging & Interesting Displays:  Creatives love beautiful packaging and it definitely helps to sell products. Make sure your packaging or tags are the best that they can be. Group similar products together. You can use various things to hold them. I particularly like how Olive Manna used baking tins, which they sprayed white to hold these stationery items. Their packaging is simple, yet effective. Be creative and scour second hand shops for interesting and unusual display items. Look around your home, many decor items can be great for displaying too. Shopfitting stores often sell second-hand stands or interesting baskets which are great. In Durban I always visit Shelve Master in Umgeni Road, as they have loads of older, unique display pieces. Remember things like egg cups, muffin trays, wire baskets, cute containers and empty drawers are all handy!

Practice: Over time you will know just how to display your products best. Keep at it and always evolve and grow. As you are learning, don't be afraid to set-up a mock market table at home in order to see what will work best.

Here are a few more great examples...
Also... take a look at the Renegade Craft site!

Don't forget to have the name of your business on display as well as your business cards!
Love this fun display with sweets for customers! (Image via The Print Blog)

1 / Crates: Great for stacking and displays
2 / Baskets: These are useful for a collection of similar things. Wire or metal baskets are perfect too.
3 / Cutlery Dividers: Ideal for smaller items and grouped products.
4 / Chalk Board: To display prices or facts.
5 / Cake Stands: They add dimension and levels.

Lastly, keep on researching and be unique. Pinterest is full of ideas and boards from creatives who are also planning for markets and fairs!

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