Seven Things: May

A Few of my Favourite Things this Month

Sorry for not posting yesterday - I like starting the week off with a post, but things are quite busy at the moment, so I just had to keep my head down!

So...we are kicking off the week on Tuesday with a Seven Things post!

1 >  Something Special: As you know last week was Mother's Day. We celebrated at my parent's house and my little sister cooked a really lovely meal! It's always great to wrap something for my mom as she really appreciates the effort plus I got to use my new ohhellofriend tape (more below)!

2 >  My Office: As I mentioned in last week's Organised Spaces post, I have been working on my office space, but it's still very much in progress. This is one of my favourite features and feels just right!

3 >  A New Mug: I am so fussy when it comes to mugs. Silly, considering I don't drink coffee and only have about one hot drink a week! None the less, this beauty caught my eye at Boardmans from a brand called Top Choice and as per usual the packaging was one of the selling points!

4 > More Office: Just a small collection of mostly pink things. This is another feature I quite like as the grouping is pretty and most of the items are vintage or vintage inspired so they live together happily.

5 >  Home: I was randomly taking snaps last week to play around with the A Beautiful Mess app. R7.99 well spent! This snap shows the collection of pictures, that sits on a little window seat area next to our front door and is made of up of mostly gifts so each piece is really special.

6 > ohhellofriend Tape: Danni from ohhellofriend is my creative hero so when I spotted the message tape, she created, I had to have it! The package and wrapping didn't fail to make me super happy and she included a lovely calendar and cute card which are now taped to my office wall!

7 > Creative Workshop: This past Saturday, I hosted an intermediate workshop and it was a really lovely day! This is just a quick snippet of the craft table. More photos to follow soon or check out this post via Sew Long!

Sending luck and love your way, for a really wonderful and productive week!


  1. I really want to try the A Beautiful Mess app, I hope they bring it out on Android soon. I think you should be more picky since you only use your mugs occasionally :) That packaging is adorable. We moved to a new house and I'm definitely going to look at your blog for studio inspiration.

  2. Hi Nomali! Thanks for your comment - I always appreciate seeing you name pop up! That satchel makes me so happy! Worth the hard work to pay for it :-) x

  3. Hello! Thanks for the comment today! I hope the app comes to Android, super soon! Surely - it must! Happy new house decorating! x

  4. They said it's twice as expensive to do it for Android too, but it seems to be doing really well so I'm sure they will now.

  5. What a productive and pretty time you have been having! Thanks for the info on Beautiful Mess

  6. Hello. Thanks so much for the comment! The Beautiful Mess app is lots of fun! Have a great week! x


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