Durban Etsy Craft Party

I Need Your Help

Thank you to all of you who have RSVP'ed to the Durban Etsy Craft Party. As of today there are only seven places three places left! Hooray! Plus we have a venue - The Upstairs at Spiga!

The whole process happened so fast, I applied and almost forgot about it as I didn't hear back. BUT... then, I received my approval last week, I had to get cracking in order to qualify so it has all been a bit of a whirlwind! Regardless, all is well on its way and I am super excited.  I do, however need your help as I am setting up a party committee to help with the organising as well as on the night. I have five places open for eager helpers! All spaces have been filled! Thank you so much!

To apply - email me your details and a quick intro. You can also tell me your strengths so I can best delegate a job to you, something you will be great at and enjoy. For example, are you good at planning, overseeing, crafting, organising etc. I need help with a range of things, including cutting and decorating.

In exchange you will get to attend the party for free and although you will be helping out, you will still get to have some fun! Each committee member will also receive a thank you package from me!

I am also on the hunt for:
Sponsors: For the giveaways as well as goodie bags. Big or small, few or many, anything will help. You will get to put a business card with each item, so it will be a great form of promotion. I will also do a short intro on your business on the night. This is the ideal platform to introduce your goods, products, services, baked goods or crafts to your ideal target market.

Photographers: We want to share as many snaps of the night with Etsy and the world. Join in the fun and snap away. 

Event Stylists and Florists: Are you an independent business, looking for some exposure. Get in touch and let's see how you can become involve.

In exchange you will get your business marketed at the event as well as on my blog through the round-up post after the party. 

Get in touch and become involved in the community based party! 

Beautiful balloon photo is from the Flickr of Maria Starzyk.