I Love Pop-Up Shop

Eight Must-Visit Reasons

Last week I visited the newly opened, I Love Pop-Up shop, curated by Genevieve Motley and it was a visual feast. I also felt exceptionally proud of my Durban friends as well as some of my clients and their awesome creativity! Just in case you haven't visited this wonderful space...then let me entice you! Sorry to the readers who aren't in Durban, maybe it's time you moved here or came and paid us a visit (we would loooove to have you).

1. Colour: Banish any Winter blues with the wide array of beautiful shades. From bright pops to brilliant hues, there is a colour to suit your mood or home.

2. Brooches: I love a good brooch and there is quite a selection of them at the shop. If like me, you like to collect brooches then this Frida one from The Deco Collection is a must.

3. Emma Jayne Fabric: Amongst their product range of bags, mugs and coin purses, you can now browse this wonderful range of fabrics. Imagine a statement chair covered in these beautiful prints from Emma Jayne.

4. iKhaya: If you have been missing you local fix from this inspired brand, then stock-up at I Love! Their signature bound books and box frames are all for sale.

5. Art: The work of Victoria Verbaan has a distinctly grown-up appeal, but the colours and bright accents add a playful edge. I dream of having these framed beauties in my home.

6. Heart: The shop is full of heart and soul and I know Gen has invested a great deal of love into each product on display! Support our local industry and invest in your own piece of our city and in turn make the hearts of the designers, crafters and artist happy!

7. Design Indaba Quality Work: We know the Indaba has high standards, but what makes me super proud is that our very own creatives make the grade. Denise from Freshly Found is one of the creatives who made the journey this year and her paper creations caused quite a stir!

8. Quirky Lovelies: This art-block from Jen-Jen Designs is only one of the examples of the awesome quirky items on sale. 

The shop is open until 15 June 2013 at artSPACE, 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Road), Durban. Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am until 2pm.