Mini-Tour: Office

A Few Snaps of my Office
I recently did a shoot with Tyrone Bradley for Fair Lady and while he was here, he did me a favour and snapped a few shots of my office. It's just a glimpse of where I spend my days (and very often nights too). What you won't see is my main desk with my computer on it, but either than that it gives you a bit of an overview.

I always feel as if it's a work in progress, but at the same time I'm enjoying the space. My lovely Cambridge Satchel is a prominent feature that you might have spotted on Instagram. It's really great to see it everyday and acts as a symbol of hard work!

There are some louver windows, that separate my office from Daniel's office, I use them as mini shelves for my collected knick-knacks.

These goodies are on top of a retro style wardrobe. Lots of pink! I also love my Yankee Candle wax burner which keeps my office smelling lovely! I recently added some paper bunting to this window space, which I got in Flow magazine, it adds the finishing touch, as the window looked a bit bare!

The prints on the wall are from Chronicle Books - created by Suzy Ultman. I used hangers from Boardmans to hang them without having to drill or damage the wall, plus I can move them around if I like.
This is the shot Fair Lady used for their Entrepreneur feature in their July issue, it includes other creatives who started their business either through a market or created a market themselves. The lacy peplum top came from Woolworths. P.S - I don't dress like this everyday, in fact I'm writing this post in my PJ's, sans make-up...ha ha.

Happy weekend everyone!