The Little List

A Quest for Balance
I realised that as a result of being quite busy, I had stopped doing a whole bunch of things that I really enjoyed. I also felt very rushed and slightly down at the thought of the amount of work I was faced with. I am very grateful to be busy, so don't get me wrong, but I am consistently aware that I need to find balance in all I do which needs to include exercise, rest, fun and quality time with the people I love.

Last week, I decided to write a short list of a few things that I really wanted to do and stuck it up in my office. Now, please don't laugh at the 'silly' things on my little list. 

The list was made up of four things:
Drink tea and read: 
I have a vision of sitting in a sunny spot at home and spending hours reading. Didn't get round to this last week.

I am happy to say I did manage to do this and one of the outings was even work related as I went to the Midlands with a client to select vintage items to style her stand at the House and Garden Show. I didn't buy much - just some really lovely old keys and a cool toast stand with a little dish attached, which will soon be re-purposed for stationery storage. I also visited a lovely new store called Alles at 64 Davenport Road, well-worth a browse.

Wrap packages: 
I definitely did this and had a really lovely time, preparing packages for new friends.

Tidy and enjoy  my office: 
I enjoyed being in my office, but I think I made more of a mess this week than tidying!

Okay, so I know these are really simple things, but I found that by reminding myself to take time out to do things that make me happy, I felt less burdened by my workload. 

Are there things you just don't get round to? Would you enjoy more posts like this where I share my list? Please leave me a comment and let me know.