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It's in the Details
As I mentioned in last weeks Seven Things post, I have been wrapping some thank you gifts for the committee members, who helped with the Etsy party! Without their help, the party could not have happened. I had lots of fun adding small details and little paper collages in a bid to say a big THANK YOU! I wanted to share a few of the crafty details with you...

I really had fun with this paper collage built on top of a Knot & Bow neon tag. It's a collection of crafty supplies collected over time. I added a few sprinkles confetti, also from Knot & Bow, which showed through the waxy paper and added some brightness.

Of course... my favourite ohhellofriend tape came in handy!
This little paper collage includes a fun, light bulb paperclip and a magnetic bookmark.
This shows the front of the card with a Typo magnet above it, to add some detail.
Finally, I decorated a bag for one of the gifts to fit into, quite simple.

Happy Monday friends! Hope your weekend was great and that your new week is off to a wonderful start!


  1. Such creative wrapping, you must've had so much fun!

  2. you are turning me into a serious stationary junkie!
    i have started working on some new ideas for my packaging for the vintage lovers :)

  3. So, so pretty. I took my time opening my gift, admiring the wrapping, the detail and the time that went into preparing it. I almost wanted to keep it sealed because it was so beautiful :-) My origami paper has already been used for my logo garland for this weekend. Thank you so much for making my week a happy one. xx

  4. Wow Nadia! It's absolutely stunning :o You are sooo creative! Can I please ask you where you buy those blue flowers that you use on your packages? They're so pretty and I can't find them anywhere :( xx

  5. Thank you! It was indeed! x

  6. Hello - thanks for the comment! He He - I can't be blamed! Would love to see new packaging. Hope you got my email reply. x

  7. Thank you for the comment! Very happy you like the small gift! :-) x

  8. Hello - thank you for the comment! I got them on Etsy, not locally. Try searching cabochon. x


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