Package Exchange

A Retro Inspired Package from Afar
For those of you that follow me on Instagram, it might come as no surprise that I really love packages, sending them, wrapping them and of course receiving one every now and again! I have had the urge to do a few personal swaps and tweeted about it a while ago. A few new friends got in touch and so the fun began. One new faraway friend is Tarryn from the blog, Butter and Buntings! She was in the process of organising a vintage button swap, which I gladly joined. I was lucky enough to get Tarryn as my exchange partner and we decided to add some additional packages to our swap. I was really excited to receive a particularly large, padded envelope from Australia and waited very patiently until I got home to unwrap it.

Tarryn is an op-shop queen! In Aus they call their charity and thrift shops - Op Shops (short for opportunity shop). The things she sent me are the type of gems that I dream about and scour the SPCA for, but never find! From quirky vintage hair clips (which I collect) to teatime treats and retro fabric! The buttons were all sewn within a cheerful children's book from the 1960's! Package heaven! The tray above is one of my favourite items - ideal for displaying a few pretty items.

The delightfully pretty clips and a brooch were all on vintage bridge cards and each item had a typed tag made from retro wallpaper! Um...WOW! I also got a piece of said retro wallpaper, which will look mighty cute in a frame!

The above buttons are my favourite and the ones on the right were made by Tarryn with her Cath Kidston Button Factory!

Not everything is pictured, but I also got a very cute little plastic doily (love it), a tray cloth, Dove chocolate and Starburst (fav sweets that you don't get in SA), fabric tape made from vintage fabric (already, started crafting with this) and the cutest cards. Plus, each item was wrapped in a beautiful piece of retro fabric - bold, bright, floral prints!

Thank you Tarryn! I am so lucky to have received this incredible package from you!