Seven Things via Instagram

Snaps, Stationery and Snail Mail

1 > Thank You Cards: I think saying thank you is one of the most important things and the sentiment of giving a thank you card is so special and appreciative. This particular 'Merci' card is from Paperchase and I love sending them out! Remember, to say thank you for the wonderful things you receive. 

2 > Gifts: To thank all the committee members who helped with the Etsy party, I bought and made some lovely gifts. Mollie Makes mag, notebooks and an origami paper set, the list goes on... I really had fun wrapping them (I have a post planned for next week to share some of the wrapping details).

3 > Fashion Nanny: About two weeks ago I took part in Style Camp which is a finishing course for teenage girls run by Sabrina Maingard (a.k.a Fashion Nanny). I spoke to them about a few online essentials and did a tape measure DIY.

4 > Rifle Paper Co: I love this brand and was delighted to find some of their notebooks recently. I have given two away as gifts, but kept one for me...that's fair I think!

5 > Post: My beloved friend in London sent me a beautiful thank you card for a gift I sent her. It was lovely to receive her message, but it made me miss her terribly.

6 > The Kitchen: A few details in our kitchen, it's quite a big space which I find difficult to decorate, but trying to create nice little areas. The birdie plate is a beauty from Anthropologie and adds some lovely colour.

7 > Lists: They never leave me. A darling friend from Cape Town was kind enough to send me a new notebook from Typo, which has made my daily list making very pretty indeed.

As per usual there is a strong focus on stationery, what can I say...I can't help it! I also hope you aren't sick of me posting letters, notes and packages, but it's how I have fun and take some time off from work. Follow me on Instagram (nadiavdmescht) for more snaps.