Penpals & Packages

The Penpal Craze is Still Alive
When I was little there was a bit of a penpal craze at school and that included those (annoying) chain letters. I wasn't very interested and let a range of penpals in far-flung locations down (sorry guys)! I lacked the letter writing motivation that was needed and felt that playing outside, riding my bike and watching K.T.V was way, way more important. 

Fast-forward to the current day and I couldn't be more interested in being a penpal and a really good one at that! It turns out that the stationery obsession that I have is shared by people around the world and the idea of wrapping a package makes me really happy. Since starting The Package Project in 2009, I have connected with a range of people who share this love. I recently discovered an entire penpal community through Instagram - take a look at the hash tags #showandmail for a lovely array of packages from around the globe. Upon further investigation, I discovered the Pinterest boards and blogs of these wonderful creatives, who are writing, sharing and connecting regardless of their location. Take a look at these lovely selections and feel inspired to send a note!

I will host another Package Project later this year - watch this space for all the details!

Pictures via:
The Funky Fox
Paper Pastries
Merissa Cherie
Eat Drink Chic
Papered Thoughts
Omiyage Blogs
Be sure to also check out The Happy Mail Project! I am in love!