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An Interview & Giveaway

I dream of days...lazy days, sleeping till noon, watching movies and escaping from the world! That pretty much sums up my current dream list! If that is your ideal and PJ time is your favourite o'clock then, you will love reading more about Anna-Louise Sleepwear from Anna Atkinson, the woman who is bring some style back to Club Duvet.

Anna shares her insights and business tips with us...

What made you decide to start a sleepwear company?
After finishing at Elizabeth Galloway Fashion Academy in Stellenbosch my dream was to become a designer, so I gained experience in retail, media and styling before focusing on my designer dream. While gaining experience with big retail companies and media houses, I saw how people's lives were changing, becoming faster, more demanding and leaving less time for luxury and relaxing.  Anna-Louise Sleepwear creates calm in the evenings, a balance in the chaos of life that helps leave the stresses of your day behind. 

Anna Louise Sleepwear has a minimalist style and colour palette. What is the inspiration behind the look and feel of your collections?  
Anna-Louise is a farewell to the big baggy old t-shirt and a welcome to stylish and beautiful sleepwear. Anna-Louise creates sleepwear that is simple, elegant, feminine and stylish without the frills, prints and patterns. 

What, in your opinion, makes Anna Louise Sleepwear luxurious and special?
Our fabrics are soft and comfortable, our style is simple yet elegant which is the perfect item to slip into after a long day in the office or after a relaxing bath.  It’s ideal if you have an unexpected visitor or need to pop out to grab some groceries for dinner, without feeling like you dressed for bed in the early afternoon.

Do you design all the sleepwear and do you manufacture in-house? Where do you draw ideas from?
I personally source quality fabric's to compliment Anna-Louise's feminine designs, and produce comfortable and luxurious sleepwear that feels so good you will want to spend your whole Sunday lounging around in them. I also take time to consider the smaller details, trying to create a range that is suitable for all women. Including women with older sons, pregnant women, working women, sporty women and newly wed ladies, whilst at the same time ensuring that each range is complimentary to all body shapes and sizes.

What personifies a ‘perfect night in’ for you?
A relaxing evening at home, I still like to be comfortable, look stylish and feel beautiful which is what I love about my range. It helps put all those together. Snuggled up in Anna-Louise slouch pants, top and jersey wrap gown while eating popcorn and watching movies with my boyfriend and two miniature Yorkies is the perfect night in for me.  

What advice do you have for fellow creatives who are interested in starting a business?
If I could give any advice it would be, what you put in you will get out.  ‘There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.  Be patient, your hard work will always pay off. 

Anna is kindly giving away one of these beautiful sets of sleepwear! Lucky us!
To Enter:
Please leave a comment, telling us what personifies a perfect night in for you.
For an extra entry: Like the Anna-Louse Sleepwear page, click here. Or follow the brand on Twitter. 
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This a local giveaway (South Africa). Giveaway closes - Wednesday 4 September.

Happy entering and good luck!

Congrats to Tracy Jacobs! You are the winner of the amazing Anna-Louise Sleepwear giveaway! 
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Thank you to all of you who entered, really enjoyed your comments!


  1. Lovely giveaway! My idea of the perfect night in is to have my friends over and have a few drinks, play a few games, chat and all eat dessert! I have liked the Anna-Louse Sleepwear Facebook page and following them on Twitter! I have also tweet about this competition (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed :) xxxx

  2. My perfect night is a night in with my boys, in front of the TV - watching our favourite series, back to back! With lots to eat!
    Have liked everywhere, and shared via @mrsrogero

  3. My fave night in is something we try do once or twice a month - just the husband, step daughter, dog and I at home, with a fire. Zoe makes the salad (at 9 she is really creative and wants to be a chef when she grows up!) Hub braai's the meat, and we all lie in the hammocks or out on a blanket under the stars, chatting and sharing our dreams. I've liked on FB and am following Anna Louise on Twitter! (I have tweeted under the twitter handle @anewweigh)

  4. Family night with my two beautiful daughters, hubby and mum. Popcorn a good family dvd looking our best. Giggling to the family jokes and spending quality time together.

  5. My perfect night in is basically the same as Anna's. On the couch with my boyfriend and our 3 dogs watching series. I did all the extra entry stuff :)

  6. My perfect night in…

    It all starts with a hot shower
    Air dried hair
    An array of nail polish choices
    A chick flik
    Some sweet treats
    And my couch

    Really just some "quality girlie time" with as little effort as possible :)

  7. Ah this sleepwear is absolutely gorgeous! My perfect night would be having a long uninterupted bubble bath, followed by pizza, boardgames with the family and lots of chocolate and yummy drinks!

  8. A perfect night in is with my younger sister, when we're sitting on my bed discussing our dreams, watching dvds, painting our nails. A typical girls night in :)

    I've followed Anna-Louise Sleepwear on twitter and I've liked their Facebook page, and I've also tweeted about the giveaway. (@Jo3e_M)

    Fingers crossed !!

  9. Great competition! My perfect night in, is a glass of red wine and a bubble bath then curling up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book! Shred to Facebook and tweeted about the compo too :)

  10. My perfect night in starts with relaxing soak in the tub, slipping into comfy pj's and then either settling in for a marathon series session on the coach or in bed with a good book. I am already a fan of the Anna-Louise FB page :-)

  11. Ooooh yes please! My perfect night in consists of a great DVD series, a snuggly blanket, a fire, chocolate and my husband!

  12. My perfect night... Nothing beats catching up with my 3 little boys after a long day and work and school. We all squeeze on one couch lol with our pajamas on! And chat about who learnt something new and how each ones day was :-) We always end up laughing till our tummys are sore LOL! I love those moments! There really is nothing better <3

  13. The perfect night in is to dump all my bags, open the windows to hear the sound of the beautiful Indian Ocean, and pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while a hot bath runs. The best is to then put on the comfiest sleepwear to complete the winding down on the couch with one of my favorite magazines (Elle, Elle Decoration or Home) or even just the iPad for a good old blog post! To top it all would be my husband next to me to play with my hair but that would just be too indulgent now wouldn't it?! X x x

  14. My perfect night in is when my besties come over for a chick flick and a game of 30 seconds!

  15. Ohhh! It would be having my girlfriends over and having a pj party, watch Sex And The City with tub of ice cream! Would only be perfect tho with a gorgeous Anna-Louise sleepwear! Following twitter @stay_glamorous , facebook Ayesha Kola

  16. My perfect night in is being in my Anna-Louise Sleepwear and having an interesting book to read whilst listening to music and having my kids around me. Liked and shared on Facebook and on Twitter.

  17. Following on twitter and liked fb. My perfect nite in starts with a hot bubble bath, hot chocolate and marshmallows in front of the fire with my husband, watching a good movie in our bed with clean fresh linen....happily snuggled up in this cold weather together :)

  18. What beautiful sleep wear WOW! My perfect night in includes my man, hot chocolate, pizza, marshmellows, lots of chocolate and coke floats too! We would set up a "Christmas bed" in front of the tv with lots of pillows and blankets. And a good assortment of movies <3 Have liked and shared and tweeted (@carlieshell) xxx

  19. A perfect night in... is a lovely self pamper session, a hair and face mask followed by a stunning bath, then putting on some comfortable clothes, making a cup of tea and a ginger biscuit and lying on the couch catching up on series/ reading blog posts. Nothing better then some good ol alone time to refresh the mind :)

  20. My perfect night is after putting my boy to sleep. Getting alone time with hubby we will get a good box office dvd, have popcorn, dark chocolate and red wine.

  21. My perfect night in would be watching a comedy with my hubby and two kids. Eating popcorn, chips and chocolates and snuggling under blankets

  22. Just by looking at this post and that crisp white PJ set - I want to jump in and grab them from the site and put them on. After the daily chores of my job, baby boy, husband (2nd kid) heehee, 2nd job of making and creating my products for Peg & Pencil, nothing drives me more than tying my hair up, washing off my make-up, putting my warmest and comfiest PJ's on and getting ideas for life, prettyness, friends and blog posts. What better way to do this than in these beautiful PJ's of Anna-Louise. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this fab giveaway.

  23. A good DVD, on the couch with my slippers on, a big bowl of popcorn and someone to snuggle with is my idea if a PERFECT night in :)

  24. I love spending a DIY evening at home with the hubby. Lots of chatter, fun easy to clean projects, Milo & comfy clothes. I don't think my "house" clothes are anywhere near as chic as these, so let's do my husband a favor and win a set! =D

    Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway Nadia! x

  25. Friday nights are family night, pizza and dvd, cuddling with hubby and the kids on the couch is the best! :-D

  26. A perfect night in is me, myself and I ,with a nice hot bath and a glass of wine. Follow that up with some luxurious sleepwear, cheesy girly series and a decadent dessert, and I am in me-time heaven!

  27. Hi Tracy - you are the Anna-Louise giveaway winnter! Hooray and congrats. Please email me - hello(at) Thanks. x

  28. Yay! That's awesome news. Thanks so much :) have emailed u Nadia x


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