Hand-Carved Stamps

A DIY Craft Trend

I love stamps, they are the perfect crafty way to add details to letters and packages. On my internet travels I have seen a rise in the creation of hand-carved stamps. Clever creatives making their own shapes and images with beautiful detail. I must be honest, I am not sure how good I will be at attempting this, I have an unfortunate knack for slicing a finger or some other craft driven emergencies. I think poor Daniel's heart skips a beat when he sees me wielding my glue gun or some sharp craft object, all in the name of creativity.  None the less, I think after finding some great tutorials and inspiration I can safely say I would like to attempt it.

Here are a few wonderful links for tutorials and inspiration, just in case like me, you want to try out this lovely creative process:

Tutorials for Carving your own Stamps:

Stamp It: DIY Printing with Handmade Stamps by Jenny Doh: I took a look at this book and it is really useful and pretty to look at too!

Yellow Owl Workshop has a stamp carving kit - which you can view in this great video which shows how it works. Be sure to also search 'hand-carved stamps' on Youtube as there are loads of tutorials.


*Pictures - via above mentioned sites and Two Cheese Please.