Seven Things via Instagram

Packages & Pretty Things

A few snaps taken with Instagram, to share a little of what I have been up to lately. I didn't share all of these on my feed, but they are still worth a look.

1. > A Postcard: I recently signed up for a PO Box, very grown-up, or at least that's how I felt when I got the key. My first bit of post was from my pen pal in Malaysia, it was a lovely postcard!

2. > Birthday Surprises: I got some amazing gifts from family and friends and I snapped these three things, which included a new treasured Chanel lipstick!

3. > Cafe Racer Meeting: Now, I am not one for motorbikes or equally boy related things, but I recently went to a Cafe Racer morning, held at Spiga. Daniel is restoring a motorbike and his inspiration has been quite interesting and nice (who thought) to look at. I spotted this artwork on one of the bikes parked at Spiga. Pretty!

4. > An Order: You might have noticed that I haven't been making corsages of late, but the consulting side of my business takes up the majority of my time. It was great to get an unexpected order for two corsages. It was quite fun to bring out my ribbons and buttons, plus package up the order.

5. > Bianca Warren's Shop: I recently visited this Durban creative's shop and spotted this bright and beautiful bag. Do you think one shocking pink bag is enough or can a girl have two?

6. > Isla Designs Cross Stitch: Sam of Isla Designs has added a new element to her work through cross stitch on her art blocks. I loved the colours of this particular one.

7. > A Letter: This pen pal thing takes some getting used to, I finally got a gap last week to pen my first letter and package it up with some Knot & Bow confetti in a clear little bag.

Hope your Monday is going wonderfully!