August Post Round-Up

The Past Month in Posts
August flew by - just the other day it was my birthday and now the month is over already! Yikes, time flies!

I hope you enjoyed the posts in August...let's give them each five more seconds of attention:
The month kicked off with an informative post about 'Five Things to share on Social Media'. Did you enjoy this post, I have had feedback about it in person, but no comments. I am always interested to know how you find business related posts.

Next up was my birthday giveaway! Some spoils for you in celebration.

I really love the ZigZag City guides, designed for children, pretty enough for adults.

Elephant Shoe relaunched their brand and sent me the most delightful box of stationery treats! 

I discovered Weekend Almanac, a fantastic independently published book from San Francisco, about creative and fun weekends.

For the Birds is a lovely shop near Salt Rock on Durban's North Coast. It stocks local brands and other interesting bits and pieces.

Vicki Sleet of the blog I Want That asked me to contribute to a 'To Do List' post. It was so nice to get an insight into other creative's minds and notebooks.

The August Intermediate Workshop was a big success. The group of attendees had some really interesting and promising businesses. The August workshops also had some awesome sponsors!

I love the trend of hand-carved stamps. It's the perfect way to add a personal creative touch to mail or presents.

The Making Spot is full of patterns and projects to inspire your creativity. There are some freebies too.

I also shared a new batch of Seven Things, including a some very lovely birthday gifts I received.

I was so lucky to travel up to Sani Pass with 1st Zulu Safaris. The trip was icy, but beautiful.

Thank you to all of you who sent me venue ideas for the Joburg workshops. I really appreciate it.

Anna-Louise Sleepwear has kindly sponsored a giveaway and shared her business insight. You can still enter to win.

Last, but not least I featured the quirky accessories of Ladybird Likes. I must order one of her perfect pieces.

Is there a post you particularly enjoyed? Or is there something you would like to see more of?. I really love your input for my post planning!