DIY Stationery Tray

A Quick and Fun DIY

This is such an easy DIY that I don't even need to give you the steps. I created this fun and colourful tray using a frame from Makro and a print I bought on Etsy. However, no need to buy a print, just check out all these awesome patterns from chevrons to stripes, which are free to download! I also used these prints to cover the books on my bar trolley.

This little tray is not only pretty, but so useful too, it holds a few of the items I like to have on display. Half the fun of having lovely things is to be able to look at them, appreciate them and of course use them. My collection includes quite a bit of Typo (obviously), as well as the little gold bird found on sale at Loads of Living for only R20 (love a bargain). 
As mentioned I found this minty green frame from Makro, I love discovering pretty things from unexpected shops. The frame is not quite A4, but rather a bit more narrow and elongated. There are so many other options you can try too, including a vintage frame from the SPCA, or even a framed piece of fabric rather than a print. I also have something similar on my dressing table to display my favourite beauty items. Enjoy creating your own version.