Emails, Emails, Emails

Tips & Lessons on Email Etiquette

I know, I am not alone in the world of too many emails! We are bombarded, consistently, by digital correspondence! What annoys me most, is the pressure we find ourselves under to reply almost instantaneously, along with the complete lack of respect for office hours. I often work late, but surely can't be expected to respond to an email at 11pm? Surely? I don't know, what do you think? Our smart phones and devices mean we are 'switched on' 24/7, in the loo, in the bath, at the bank, in bed, early mornings, in the car, at a party, at 12pm on a dance floor, yip we are connected!

We created the problem, now we have to live with it and manage it without being engulfed by it. I found these handy posts, which chat about the various aspects of email, from managing it to netiquette. I hope they offer some relief for your overflowing inbox or at least assist you to be a better 'emailer' and in some way retain a few smigens of sanity. We all have a few things to learn...

Here we go...
Email Etiquette for the Super-Busy: 1 and 2

Finally, one just for giggles - click here to laugh.