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Amazing and clever packaging makes me excited, it also makes me throw money at shop owners in order to make the pretty product MINE! I recently discovered one lonely Nostalgia Sunday School Soap at Saint Lori in Umhlanga. A quick R40 later and this dreamy little soap, in its perfect packaging was coming home with me. I thought I might give it as a gift, but on further inspection I have decided to keep it! I have since contacted Elea, the creative behind these products to see if she still makes them and is willing to send more to our sunny shores. I will be sure to keep you updated. For now...enjoy the visual treat. The artisan soap is wrapped in a 'soap sack' and the main wrapper includes a pattern to convert the sack into 'joyful little things', like a 'heirloom bear and apron'. Clever and inspiring! The actual product is also exceptionally well developed with no detergents or artificial colours.