Rosehurst in Pietermaritzburg

A Rosy, Sun-Dappled Day
On Heritage Day, I had to head to Pietermaritzburg to take care of some work. Not ideal on a public holiday, but duty called. Luckily, I had Daniel to drive me there and keep me company, which greatly increased my cheerfulness. I thought, if we are going all that way, then let's make it worth our while and so I remembered Rosehurst! To my surprise, they were open and I swiftly booked a table. Once the work was taken care of, we headed to the beautiful garden tearoom. It was just perfect, and what my dreams are made of. A quaint Victorian house, with hidden nooks, sun-dappled corners and pink lemonade (plus HUGE milkshakes). There are several rooms, some with antiques and others with local products as well as a chocolate room. The food and service were also great and the aforementioned pink lemonade was a treat! If you have a vivid imagination, a love for the 'perfectly dishevelled' and the need for an escape, then add Rosehurst to your list.

It was the perfect moment to get lost in and the beautifully kept garden was like a page from the Secret Garden. I wanted to lie on a huge blanket and stare at the clouds. I was particularly excited to go down the 'Foxglove Path' (I almost squeaked with excitement). Wandering down the narrow path, I discovered Vintage Rose, a sweet vintage shop selling clothes, accessories and beaded clutches. I can't wait to go back for another visit...

My much missed friend - Roxy, from Citygirl Searching did a post about Rosehurst a while ago, her photos are beautiful!

The Cafe at Rosehurst
239 Boom Street, Pietermaritzburg (it is quite easy to find if you use Google Maps)
033 394 3833