Washi Bug Design Competition

Design Your Own Pattern
Who would have thought that a papery tape could revolutionise our creative lives! In this day and age of magic inventions and technology, we find ourselves inspired and in love with something that seems quite simple, yet lends itself to countless projects! WashiBug my favourite, local tape suppliers are hosting the most amazing competition, where you design your own tape. 
Here are the details - directly from them:
"Are you creative, artistic or just love doodling with style? Then 'roll' out your best with this exclusive competition brought to you by WashiBug. WashiBug has put together an incredible opportunity for one lucky winner to have THEIR unique design printed on two thousand washi-tape rolls, to be distributed throughout South Africa. This is an opportunity for every South African to put forward their best design to be judged by a panel of creative experts from around the country. You will have six weeks to produce an original, innovative and exceptional design. Interested? ENTER NOW!"

I am particularly excited to be a judge! I can't wait to see the best that you have to offer! Visit the WashiBug site for all the details, plus the terms and conditions. Best of luck, you creative bunch!

Just a little bit of inspiration...
Beautiful images via My Washi Tape and cafe noHut