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Product Prep for Christmas

We are officially on the downhill towards Christmas with just under two months to go. Although, for creatives taking part in the multitude of markets from now until then – it might feel like the uphill towards the end of the year! In the past I have shied away from seasonal products. I love Christmas, but not the kitsch that’s associated with it. I did learn however, that there are ways to add some seasonal cheer to your product range, without decking the bells with boughs of holly. In today’s business related post I discuss a few options for you to consider. If you have some time and energy it isn’t too late to embrace the festive season through your creative business.

A Few Tips for adding Christmas Cheer to your Products:

Don’t over invest:
You might want to rush out and stock up on all things seasonal, but don’t over invest. Decide on a select few items or products to add a seasonal feel to.

Look at trends and adapt them adequately:
Throughout the year you have watched trends develop and in turn introduced some of these trends into your product line. Don’t ignore these when adapting your products for seasonal sales. Take a look at shapes and colours and see how these can be adapted for a seasonal twist.

Create a seasonal version of a bestseller:
If it sold well during the rest of the year - why not add a small update. Could it be an updated colour, pattern or detail, if so update the product and sell it as a limited edition piece.

Market the items adequately:
Market items as seasonal or for Christmas. This way buyers are aware of this addition to your product range and are more likely to buy it in the lead up to December 25th.

It doesn’t have to be traditionally Christmas inspired or kitsch:
Remember seasonal can be a shape, pattern or colour update. It need not be green and red.

Start early next year:
Add it to your goal list to keep your eyes open for inspiration which could lead to next year’s seasonal bestsellers.

What if I'm afraid to try these ideas?
Make items to order, but be aware of your turnaround time.
Think of a seasonal product to add to your current range that you can create for special orders. You can create a sample and take orders accordingly. You can control the quantities you are willing to take orders for. It means you can ask for a deposit to cover costs and not take away from your other earnings.

Perhaps you feel like the ship really has sailed and the time for designing and creating new products is over. 

Here are a few ideas to add some cheer anyway:

A gift wrapping service or limited edition packaging:
Package sold items in Christmas or seasonal bags or add a gift tag to existing products. These can be added as a freebie or charged for at a small additional fee.

A novelty freebie:
Add something that is seasonally inspired for free. A small candy cane or loop of beautiful Christmas ribbon.

A limited discount:
Offer a special discount to inspire early shopping for Christmas.

Group deal or product pairing:
Pair products together or package them as a special Christmas deal. For example pencils with notebooks or gift cards or tags with products.

Show how current items can be used:
Take styled photos of how your current products can be adapted to be creatively gift wrapped or used. For example if you make small porcelain bowls show them being used for Christmas pudding or star earrings being worn for Christmas celebrations or what about lovely stationery packaged as a craft kit.

Good luck! I hope you have insanely fantastic seasonal sales!
Thank you so much for reading - I really appreciate each and everyone of you!

Image via Tiny Me (be sure to take a look as it is a lovely download).